Lucinda Ellery Reviews: Elements to Watch Out for

Lucinda Ellery reviews may give you a good idea of how you can address hair loss. But there are also smaller ways you can complement your search for hair replacement systems and regain a head full of healthy hair.

It starts with being more attentive to your environment.

Wind and air temperatures

Strong winds obviously mess up your hair, and might even cause strands to break. But changing air temperatures – which you experience even as you just step in and out of a building – can cause your hair to lose moisture more quickly.

Direct sunlight

Direct sunlight and heat are also linked with accelerating hair fall rates – that’s why women tend to lose more hair during the summer.

As with wind, wear hats as protective gear. Using conditioners for UV protection is a plus, too.

Bath and shower water

The water from your taps might be harming your hair follicles if it contains the mineral fluoride. Mineral deposits in the hair hampers its moisture intake, leading to dry, frizzy, and tangled strands. You can’t overhaul the water systems where you live, but you can try adding a filter to mitigate damage.

Sea or swimming pool water

Since they’re also minerals, salt from the sea and chlorine in pools will also leave your hair dry and damage-prone. Rinse your hair carefully before swimming, as well as after; wet hair absorbs less salt and chlorine.

Environmental factors will be inevitable like hair loss itself, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to better deal with their effects.


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