Best Practices in Wearing Hair Extensions from Lucinda Ellery Reviews

People can choose to wear their hair long or short, and it is not a huge deal. However, a full head of hair is often regarded as a symbol of attractiveness, making thick-maned supermodels Coco Rocha and Giselle Bundchen score high on beauty points. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with thick hair.

Some are born with fine or thinning hair, while some suffer from a condition known as alopecia, which leads to patches of baldness. Fortunately, these people can opt for hair replacement systems like hair extensions. Below is a look at three best practices from Lucinda Ellery reviews to maximise benefits of hair extension products.

Go with natural hair

If you’re looking into hair extensions, you have a choice between synthetic and real human hair. However, no synthetic hair can duplicate the softness, shine, and strength of real human hair, making the latter a popular choice. Another beauty of natural hair is that its wearers can gun for a wide range of hair styles, and the product will stay intact even when being styled differently.

Choose the right application method

Hair extension products can be applied in a variety of ways: heat fusion, cold fusion, skin weft, or microbead. These methods are ideal for a particular type of hair. For instance, coarse, curly, or thick hair will be able to handle sew-in hair weft extensions, but they are not ideal for those with fine and straight hair. Remember, the right technique plays a huge role on how natural-looking the hair extensions look, so choose well.

Have hair extensions applied at the salon

No matter how encouraging the Internet is, there are just some things that you can’t do yourself, like applying hair extensions. While how-to videos walk you through it step by step, and you can easily access products from your local pharmacies or drug stores, nothing compares to the well-trained hands of professional stylists like the ones from Lucinda Ellery Hair Extensions Studios.

No matter what the hair length is—long or short—it will still be attractive-looking as long as it is voluminous. Sadly, some people are not blessed with thick hair, and for them, hair extension products may be the best option. They just have to read Lucinda Ellery reviews online to learn about best practices in wearing hair extensions.


Try on Wedding Hair Extensions with Help from Lucinda Ellery Reviews

Getting married is a truly awesome and dramatic moment in a woman’s life. How many lady friends do you know who have spent restless days and nights making sure their special day would be perfect in every way? Perhaps all. The grand effort isn’t even limited to the wedding itself; a large part of those sleepless nights may have been for worrying about their dress, makeup – and hair.

Women do have a special attachment to their hair, and when they are the bride, the hair takes on an ‘ethereal’ form. Some of the more popular wedding album shots are of the bride in a carefree pose, with hair flying in the wind. One way to pull off a knockout appearance is to use special hair extensions recommended in reputable Lucinda Ellery reviews.

Hair extensions are split into either glue-on or clip-on types. Glue-on extensions are meant to be on your hair for several months and are usually applied through hair irons. Some providers of extensions may recommend getting them if the wedding theme requires an elaborate hairdo. Clip-on extensions perform as advertised, but have an extra advantage – you can mix and match extension colours that suit your hair, with the help of your stylist.

Some of your friends may have put on extensions to add body and volume to their hair on the Big Day. You can follow their example. If you’ve never tried extensions before, your hair stylist might recommend testing them on your hair well before the wedding day. This will buy you time to experiment.

A reputable hair extension consultancy service that offers bridal support can go even further. The outfit may have a special representative assigned to you, who can address all your concerns regarding how your hair should look. The company may also provide training to your stylist about your preferred hairstyle, especially if there are some issues that must be ironed out.

Looking your absolute best on your wedding day, from top to bottom, should be all but second nature for brides. Hair extensions acquired and installed through the knowledge gained from credible Lucinda Ellery reviews are part of the means to that end.