Lucinda Ellery Reviews—Best Brush for Fine Hair

Fine hair is often characterised as a type of hair that lacks volume. As such, fine hair doesn’t hold a hairstyle well, especially if the environment is humid. Not everything about fine hair is negative, however. For one thing, it’s naturally shinier and smoother. It’s also dries faster!

As for fine hair’s limpness and lack of volume, the right hairbrush can actually take care of these issues. Plastic brushes should be avoided completely, because these have a tendency to remove negative electrons from the strands, leaving only positive charges that resist each other. Put simply, a plastic hairbrush leaves hair with unwanted static electricity, while a metal hairbrush does not. Therefore, always choose a metal brush when you have fine hair.

The reason behind this is simple: metal conducts electricity, so the negative electrons simply flow through it and remain on the hair. It doesn’t attract negative electrons like plastic does.

If you would like to know more tips to properly care for fine hair, visit other Lucinda Ellery reviews online.


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