Lucinda Ellery Reviews—Giving Your Hair Volume and Lift

Fine hair is thin by definition. It often appears limp, flat, lifeless, and can be very hard to control. Most products only seem to make it worse, as these tend to weigh the hair down. The key to working with fine hair is to give it volume and lift. Here’s how to do it:

Use a dry shampoo

A dry shampoo cleans fine hair of excess oil while moisturizing it for the feel and appearance of thickness and volume.

Use conditioner minimally

Conditioners tend to weigh fine hair down. Use it sporadically, and when you do, don’t use it on your scalp. Apply the conditioner only on your ends.

Get acquainted with foam rollers

Foam rollers could just be what you need to give your fine hair some much needed volume. Use them on your hair once it’s completely dried, as using them when wet can turn fine hair brittle.

Want more fine hair care tips? There are plenty of other Lucinda Ellery reviews online on the subject that you can check out.


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