Lucinda Ellery Reviews Help for Post-Partum Hair Loss

When you have a baby, the last thing you’ll want to worry about is your hair. There will be little time for sleep let alone keeping your locks in top condition. Yet in the six months after the birth, between 40 and 50 percent of new mothers suffer from excessive hair shedding, known as telogen effluvium.

All the hair loss delayed by pregnancy hormones will happen all at once. Whilst this hair loss will usually right itself within a year, Lucinda Ellery reviews show that taking vitamin B and C and zinc will be of great help. She also suggests using hair products containing biotin and silica and avoiding hair dryers and straightening irons.

If the hair loss is a real cause for concern, visit a hair specialist who can help you to improve your hair’s overall health and if necessary find hair replacement solutions. One particular solution offered by Lucinda Ellery is the Intralace System™ which seamlessly integrates with your natural hair for a fuller and more vibrant look.

Don’t let hair loss ruin your special time as a new mum when you can seek help from specialists like Lucinda Ellery, who has helped countless others regain the mane they want.


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Finding One’s Best Self from Lucinda Ellery Reviews

Finding One’s Best Self from Lucinda Ellery Reviews

Inspiring Lucinda Ellery reviews and stories abound online from a bride finally having her dream wedding; thanks to Lucinda Ellery’s hair replacement solutions. The bride bids goodbye to thin, lifeless locks. Although the women have different backgrounds in life and may have received a certain type of Intralace System™ product, they all share the same happy ending—a crowning glory that they can proudly flip and flaunt.

Indeed, with Lucinda Ellery’s revolutionary hair replacement system, women who had given up on finding an effective hair loss solution are rejuvenated with new hope—and a new look. They don’t just find the answer to their dilemma; they find two of the most important things that they need to truly enjoy life to the fullest.

Find Confidence.

No longer held back by odd-looking hair pieces or head covers, women who received Lucinda hair loss solutions start to feel great about themselves. They don’t have to worry about their thinning crowns or bald spots attracting unwarranted attention. Needless to say, full and thick tresses can wonderfully boost a woman’s self-confidence.

Find Happiness.

As soon as Lucinda Ellery’s clients see their new hair, the smiles on their faces are priceless. They often state how happy they are that they gave it a try, and how they look forward to each day without worrying about feeling shy or embarrassed.


Bride-to-be who was addicted to pulling out her own hair walked down the aisle with flowing locks… after her devoted groom forked out £3,000 for new wedding tresses,

Lucinda Ellery Reviews the Common Signs of Trich

Lucinda Ellery Reviews the Common Signs of Trich

It may affect only a small proportion of the population, yet trichotillomania is a well-known condition, and some women might not know if their hair-pulling habits are already problematic. Not to worry, though, for Lucinda Ellery reviews all the most common signs of trichotillomania.

You try to hide an uncontrollable urge to pull your hair.

Sure, others tend to pull their hair often. For people with trich, however, they have this nagging urge to pull out strands of their hair. Some of them even try to hide their condition.

Bald spots appear on your scalp.

At some point, your hair-pulling habits become so intense that it causes thinning or hair loss in some parts of your scalp.

You feel better whilst you pull your hair.

Most women with trich admit to feel relief as they pull out a couple of their hair strands, especially if they had been resisting the urge to do so.

Trich is considered by medical experts as a chronic condition, and a cure is yet to be found. Fortunately, with hair specialists like Lucinda Ellery, you can keep this condition in check. Her revolutionary Intralace System™, for one, acts as a barrier to keep one from pulling out natural hair strands, making for a great aid for trichotillomania.


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