Lucinda Ellery Reviews Treatments and Solutions for Trichotillomania

Hair is a big deal to women; after all, they say that a woman’s hair is her crowning glory. In fact, a recent survey by shows that, on average, British women spend as much as ₤40,000 in a lifetime on their hair. That includes hair salon appointments and various hair care products. As women value hair very much, they are also most vulnerable to the effects of hair loss or other similar conditions. Some even suffer extreme cases of depression due to serious hair loss disorders.


Trichotillomania is one such example of these disorders. Trichotillomania, also known as “trich” or TTM, is an impulse disorder that causes sufferers to pull out their own hair from different parts of the body, particularly the scalp. This uncontrolled behaviour affects a person to the point of hair loss and bald spots. According to Trichotillomania Support Online , the condition affects around 1% to 3% of the British population, with more women being affected than men. By reading Lucinda Ellery reviews, however, you will learn that there are many options available today for the relief of TTM sufferers.

Treatment and Solutions

Although trichotillomania is a disorder that affects a person physically, there is no doubt that the mental and emotional aspects of that person are also in turmoil. Lucinda Ellery reviews say that cognitive-behaviour therapy has been proven effective in helping TTM sufferers overcome this condition. In some people, just being aware of the disorder can help reduce the urge to pull hair. With the proper approach and treatment, anybody can recover from this condition and become “pull-free.”

Aesthetically, there are solutions to cover up the bald patches brought about by TTM. Indeed, many sufferers become adept at restyling their remaining hair while others use hats and scarves to cover more serious areas where hair has been lost. However a solution that combines both an attractive temporary result and a means of preventing the pulling taking place is to use the Intralace System pioneered by Lucinda Ellery. This uses an ultra-fine mesh which is attached to the existing hair next to the scalp and onto which extensions are added. By acting as a physical barrier it prevents further hair being pulled from the usual sites while also giving the hair a chance to regrow. In addition it gives the wearer a full head of hair for perhaps the first time in years, and that boost to their morale can help their determination to remain pull-free when the system is later removed.


Lucinda Ellery Reviews Discuss Various Options for Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss is a serious problem, since hair serves an important function as part of the human body’s natural protection. Moreover, hair is one of the primary modes of expressing one’s personality, and hair loss, especially in women, can deal a serious blow on a person’s self-esteem and well-being.

There are several causes of hair loss, primarily medical and psychological conditions. Ageing is a natural cause, but there are many cases that stem from other causes, which can affect anyone, regardless of age or gender. Alopecia, the technical term for hair loss, comes in many types with varying degrees of nature and severity.
No matter what the cause, hair loss, particularly in women, needs to be taken seriously. The effects to a person’s health and confidence can be devastating unless acted upon. In the past, the primary option for people experiencing hair loss was a wig. Today, however, there are treatments available that provide permanent and long-lasting hair loss solutions.

Do you or someone you care about suffer from hair loss? This can be a strong cause of anxiety and leads to a great deal of stress. While treatment can help, it might take some time before significant results are seen. Meanwhile, the person suffering from hair loss can regain confidence by using hair extensions.

In comprehensive Lucinda Ellery reviews, you will learn that there are different methods available for hair replacement. These provide patients with options that will result in natural-looking and stylish hair. Many of these methods are derived from years of practice in hair extension technology.

The hair replacement methods are catered to the severity of hair loss. For example, the Intralace System option is suited for severe hair loss, while Medi Connections are appropriate for milder instances, including people who just have naturally thin hair.


Informative Lucinda Ellery reviews also discuss Trichotillomania (TTM). Unlike other causes of alopecia, TTM doesn’t stem from hair falling off. The loss of hair is due to the sufferer’s urge to pull out his/her own hair. The patient feels severe tension when resisting the urge, and finds relief when he/she gives in to it.

Lucinda Ellery recommends that any hair replacement must be coupled with treatment from a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist. Hair extensions can help in reducing the urge to pull, but professional therapy is also needed to effectively manage this urge.