Lucinda Ellery Reviews Give Insights on Hair Extension Considerations

It is said that a woman’s hair is one of her best and most important assets as it forms the basis of most people’s first impressions and provides them with clues as to her personality and tastes. It is only logical, then, for you to pamper your hair and make it as beautiful as possible. If you fancy wearing your hair long, however, then you might want to follow what Lucinda Ellery reviews recommend and start wearing hair extensions rather than waiting to grow your hair out.

Hair extension salons like Lucinda Ellery have the right tools and expertise to transform your hair into a veritable work of art that will surely turn heads. However, only you can decide on the look that would suit you best. To help you decide, here are some things to take into account.

Synthetic or Natural?

Generally speaking, hair extensions are either natural, i.e. made from human hair, or synthetic. Pundits are split down the middle as to which type is better. As such, most hair extension salons offer both options to their loyal patrons.

Synthetic hair extensions are more abundant because they are made from artificial products that are processed to resemble human hair. From a stylist’s point of view, synthetic hair is easier to work with because it heats up faster. Natural hair extensions, on the other hand, have the same texture and fullness of real hair for obvious reasons, albeit more expensive. Consult your stylist if you have trouble deciding between the two.

Hair Dimensions

Whatever type of hair extension you choose, you should be mindful of its length and weight. After all, some extensions are best utilised in specific ways. For example, 12-inch hair extensions that weigh about 80 grams are suitable for increasing your hair length up to your shoulders. If you choose heavier hair extensions of the same length, it can result in your hair appearing thicker.


One of the most important lessons you can learn from reading Lucinda Ellery reviews is that hair extensions must match your desired hairstyle. Otherwise, you’ll be spending more time in the salon than you should. If you want bouncy hair that’s full of volume, then choose wavy hair extensions to save time. Don’t forget to consider the colour of your extensions since it should match or complement your natural hair colour!