Lucinda Ellery Reviews: Hair-Friendly Accessories

From glittery headbands to dainty barrettes, a woman’s choice of hair accessories to keep her hairdos up and interesting number like the stars. Then again, some accessories are better suited for certain hair lengths and textures.

For women who finally have their Intralace System in place, whether it’s the Intralace Minima or the Intralace System Hair Parting, it’s only natural that they opt for hair-friendly accessories that won’t hurt their tresses. Informative Lucinda Ellery reviews and other online articles recommend the following non-damaging hair accessories, particularly for ladies with long locks, which won’t snag or pull hair.

Hair Sticks

Hailing from the 90s, hair sticks come as a single stick or in pairs. It may take a bit of time for you to learn how to use them, but once you get the hang of it, putting them on and through your hair bun would be a breeze. Hair sticks are anything but boring. They can be fancy with sparkly dangles, or minimalistic with a simple, polished wood body.

Hair Forks

Much like a hair pin, but with better hair-holding capabilities and style, hair forks can be made of metal, plastic, wood, and even bone or antler. They are available in a huge range of styles, from bejeweled ones to vintage pieces.


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Lucinda Ellery Reviews: Eat Your Way to Lovely Locks

These days, dealing with hair loss need not be as cumbersome as before when women only had awkward-looking wigs or head covers as their only options. Thanks to Lucinda Ellery reviews online, women are discovering the Intralace Options for their hair loss woes. Of course, once you invest in such hair loss solutions, you still need to care for your growing hair—and you can start by eating right. Here are some foods that can help you achieve healthy, luscious locks:

Almonds and Walnuts

Both almonds and walnuts are rich in vitamin E that helps your skin retain its optimal elasticity and smoothness. Moreover, walnuts contain omega-3 fatty acids that protect hair from sun damage, while almonds have selenium and manganese that are necessary for shiny hair.


Berries of all shapes and sizes are loaded with antioxidants and other vitamins that support the growth of cells and ward off free radicals that can cause cell damage or disease. With their vitamin C content, berries can enhance the production of collagen in the body, which keeps skin and hair strong and lustrous.

Dark Chocolate

Thanks to the flavonoids present in dark chocolate, your body can get the help it needs to protect your skin and hair from UV damage. Flavonoids also fight free radicals in the body, thereby preventing premature hair loss and skin aging.

Lucinda Ellery Reviews: Heatless Hairstyles Pt. 2

Hair can be difficult to style without heat. Unfortunately, you risk damaging your hair and follicles if you subject your hair to heat on a constant basis. To give your hair time to recover, it pays to know a few heatless hairstyles that you can use from time to time. Here’s one that you can try out for yourself, which will help you achieve natural-looking curly hair:

Step 1

Twist sections of your hair until you reach the roots. Wrap the section around into a little circle, then keep it in place using two bobby pins crisscrossing each other. Repeat this for each section of your hair that you can manage to create. Leave the pins on overnight.

Step 2

When you wake up in the morning, remove the pins and loosen the spirals.

Step 3

Run your fingers through your hair to separate the waves. Do not brush out. The smaller the buns you make, the curlier your hair will turn out.
Like what you see? Then check out other heatless hairstyles posted in Lucinda Ellery reviews.


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Lucinda Ellery Reviews Hormones and Hair Loss

Hormones play an important role in the optimal function of many of the body’s systems. So important in fact, that even a slight change in their levels can significantly alter the body’s normal functions, including hair growth. Hormonal issues are a primary reason why so many women lose their hair.

Women who are at high risk of hormonal imbalance are those who are going through menopause, perimenopause and pregnancy. Nevertheless, women of any age and stature can potentially experience this condition because diet and lifestyle can severely impact hormone levels. Below are some of the most common causes of hormonal imbalance that result in hair loss.

     ● Progesterone levels are too low and oestrogen levels are too high.
     ● Too much testosterone (yes, the dominant male hormone is inside a woman’s body, too).
     ● Excessive and long term stress.
     ● Hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) and hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid).
     ● Birth control pills and other medications containing DHT.

If you suspect that you have hormonal imbalance, have yourself checked by a general practitioner. For the best solutions to your hair loss, read Lucinda Ellery reviews to learn about their ground-breaking Intralace System™.


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Lucinda Ellery Reviews Hair Loss-Causing Anxiety

Are you worried at times about your current situation? One of many effects of anxiety in one’s health is hair loss. When you’re anxious, the body diverts its energy away from hair follicles or wherever else they need to be to concentrate on helping you cope with what’s ailing you. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the body sometimes calls for a “time out” from growing hair to focus on healing and recovery.

The reason anxiety can lead to hair loss is the amount of stress it brings to the body. Anxiety is often defined as persistent and long term stress, and anyone dealing with it puts their physical health at risk.

Fortunately for anxious individuals, anxiety-related hair loss is often temporary. By addressing what’s causing you to become anxious, you may stimulate your hair to grow back. This is easier said than done though, so as you wait for your hair follicles to recover, you may want to take on a hair replacement solution to cover up any bare patches. Research Lucinda Ellery reviews to learn about the Intralace System™, an innovative solution that can be what you’re looking for to solve your hair loss woes.


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Lucinda Ellery Reviews Postpartum Hair Loss

Many new moms who have given birth within three months or so are shocked to find they are starting to lose hair more than usual. If this is happening to you, don’t be surprised, because it’s perfectly normal. What you’re having is a condition called postpartum hair loss, and there’s no need to panic, because it’s highly unlikely that your hair will fall off completely.

When you were pregnant, did you notice that your hair was more abundant than usual? That’s because your oestrogen levels were higher back then, and with higher oestrogen levels comes more hair on your scalp. Now that you’ve given birth, oestrogen levels along with your hair growth will revert to normal, and thus your hair will start falling more than it should. Nevertheless, you can relax knowing that by the time your baby reaches one year of age, your extra falling hair will cease.

If you feel uncomfortable with your hair loss, there are ways to hide it. Try to search for Lucinda Ellery reviews that reveal various applicable hair loss solutions to your situation.


Postpartum Hair Loss,

Lucinda Ellery Reviews: Hair Loss and Itching

An itchy scalp can be uncomfortable and frustrating. Add hair loss into the mix, and it can be downright embarrassing. When an itchy scalp is accompanied by falling hair, it may already be a sign of scalp psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis, two extremely problematic skin conditions that result in large white flakes and patches of hair loss on the scalp.

Though psoriasis and dermatitis can lead to hair loss, they aren’t necessarily the cause of the condition. Patients with psoriasis and dermatitis tend to lose their hair because of how their body reacts to the treatments they use to relieve themselves of the itching and the flaking. Likewise, scratching the scalp excessively can put a lot of undue stress on the hair follicles.

Fortunately for those who have these conditions, the accompanying hair loss is rarely permanent. All that’s needed to be done is to find the right solution to treat the cause of the irritation. You can read Lucinda Ellery reviews for more info on various scalp treatments, but for a more customised solution, schedule a consultation with a trusted dermatologist in your area.


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