Lucinda Ellery Reviews: Lupus and Alopecia

The physical effects of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) are indeed alarming. Among its many symptoms is hair loss. Since hair is intricately intertwined to a person’s self-esteem, one can only imagine how devastating lupus-caused hair loss can be to an individual’s self-image.

If you have been diagnosed with systemic lupus, you may not be able to prevent hair loss, but you may be able to minimise it with a few simple steps:

Avoid the sun as much as possible

Too much sun can agitate the condition and make symptoms worse. If you need to go out, be sure to use sunscreen and cover yourself up.

Avoid stress

High stress levels can lead to lupus flares. Manage your stress levels by eating right, exercising regularly, and following the treatment plan set by your physician.

Make sure any infections are treated immediately

Lupus can cause permanent hair loss if not treated quickly, so contact your physician immediately if you notice lesions or rashes on your face or scalp.

If you would like to learn more specific solutions to hair loss, continue reading Lucinda Ellery reviews to learn about the innovative Medi Connections and Intralace System.


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