Lucinda Ellery Reviews Postpartum Hair Loss

Many new moms who have given birth within three months or so are shocked to find they are starting to lose hair more than usual. If this is happening to you, don’t be surprised, because it’s perfectly normal. What you’re having is a condition called postpartum hair loss, and there’s no need to panic, because it’s highly unlikely that your hair will fall off completely.

When you were pregnant, did you notice that your hair was more abundant than usual? That’s because your oestrogen levels were higher back then, and with higher oestrogen levels comes more hair on your scalp. Now that you’ve given birth, oestrogen levels along with your hair growth will revert to normal, and thus your hair will start falling more than it should. Nevertheless, you can relax knowing that by the time your baby reaches one year of age, your extra falling hair will cease.

If you feel uncomfortable with your hair loss, there are ways to hide it. Try to search for Lucinda Ellery reviews that reveal various applicable hair loss solutions to your situation.


Postpartum Hair Loss,


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