Lucinda Ellery Reviews Two Myths To Break

Lucinda Ellery Reviews Two Myths To Break

It’s easy for any woman to worry when she finds splotches of hair in her shower drain. Hair is often an integral part of a woman’s identity, after all, and to lose so much hair could very well be troubling for some. But before you freak out, it’s important for you to learn a few myths and truths about hair loss that may help allay your fears.

Myth 1: Hair loss for men and women are the same.

Whilst globs of hair in the shower drain is a cause of concern for men, it isn’t the case for women. You may find plenty of hair falling out, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have a hair loss problem. Read on various Lucinda Ellery reviews to find out the best you can get from a hair loss solutions expert.

Myth 2: Taking birth control pills can lead to hair loss

This isn’t necessarily a myth, as old types of birth control pills do have a tendency to cause hair loss. But if you’re using newer ones, there may be no need for you to worry. Talk to your doctor to find the version that’s best for you.


Myths You Shouldn’t Believe About Hair Loss in Women,


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